Yellow Ochre

A 4x4 cube filled with mini green hydrangea, yellow orchids, dark safari sunset and purple kale. Accented with eryngium and seeeded eucalyptus.


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Fall Bounty

A low modern cylinder filled with sunflowers, mini green hydrangeas, orane lilies, tulips, kale and eryngium. Lush and full this makes a great modern centerpiece or any day fall bouquet.


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Summer Garden

A contemporary rectangle vase with kale, mini green hydrangea, pin cushion proteas, stock and blue eryngium. Fun and Unique!


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O My Gourd

A stunning large vase filled with sunflowers, kale, safari sunset, mini calla lilies, lilies, alstromeria, yarrow and delphinium. Accented with a variety of fall grasses and pods. 


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Pumpkin Spice

A 5x5 cube is lush and full of fall beauties. Purple kale, yellow yarrow, orange lilies, broom corn, mini green hydrangea, and calla lilies. Accented with fall foliage and crespedia balls.


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A modern 4x4 cube filled with river rock, an aspidistra leaf and three sunflowers. With an accent of bupluerum and lily grass, a ray of sun for anyone!


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We specialize in unique and different flower varieties. If you are looking for fresh, gorgeous cut flowers or plants we have exactly what you’re looking for! Check out our wide selection of flower arrangements online or call us for a custom design!